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Member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

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I have worked within four highly respected Chartered Accountancy practices over a thirty-five year career, and I've advised many companies, families and individuals on all major aspects of tax planning and business strategy.

My experience crosses many economic sectors including property, aviation, manufacturing, media, retail, wholesale and the service sector.


I advise on tax planning (corporate, capital, personal, family, NIC and VAT) , especially strategies for the medium and long term.

I provide advice on all accounting matters and interfacing with banks on financial issues.

I work particularly with SME businesses to devise solutions where there are often additional issues around organisational growth, expansion and exit to be considered.

My work complements in-house finance departments and independent external accountants/auditors.

I also support a number of accounting practices on tax planning projects.


I believe that "The tax tail should never wag the dog."  Tax is a key cost in life and wherever possible, allowances, reliefs, incentives and tax advantages should be used to full effect.

I also believe in management through empowerment, motivation by giving responsibility and a commercial approach to giving advice. I think problems are best solved face to face and that a sense of humour is a major business asset.